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Learn from Them on Business Success Story Books

"How people get success" these become our big question especially for people who want to make their business grow significantly. to achieve a success means that we must consider various factors and one of factors is simple, "READ BOOKS" get to know how the giant companies, famous people get success in their life. Moreover, by reading a books you will be able to learn something and of course you must implement like what they had been doing too. In fact, people can definitely closer to the success. 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Best Seller Self Improvement Books

Product Description

 Dealing with trouble of what life brings. How to move from anger to Happiness. bring Charge for good, the power of Healthy Communication.

 Product Description

What is your life all about?

Do you let events happen to you rather than going out and making them happen?

The mission-vision exercise will make you see through you and give you hope. If you know where you are going in life, you will automatically feel good about yourself.

As you gain control of your life, you will feel confidence and happiness infused in your spirits.

Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you'll land amongst the stars.Franklin D. Roosevelt once said …..

The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today.

Let's get to know yourself!
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New Releases Secret Books of Real Estate Investing


" Any first-time homebuyer owes it to him or herself to get this book. It's packed with information you won't find anywhere else, yet is remarkably accessible, even when covering complex financial issues." -- Elisabeth DeMarse, CEO,, former CEO,

" Coming from a gal that knows tools, this book is a must-have tool for any home buyer. It offers so much essential information, purchasing a home without it would be like trying to drive a nail without a hammer!" -- Norma Vally, host of Toolbelt Diva (Discovery Home) and author of Chix Can Fix: 100 Home Improvement Projects and True Tales From the Diva of Do-It-Yourself

" Enthusiasm, hints and tips all rolled into a great read for first-timers." -- Pat Lashinsky, President of ZipRealty

"Takes the guesswork out of home buying... two thumbs up!" -- Elizabeth Weintraub, Home Buying & Selling Guide,

A must-have for any new homebuyer. Empower yourself by informing yourself!" -- Heidi Baker & Eden Jarrin, co-founders of

Like having over a dozen real estate experts over for dinner. -- Steve Kropper, president of Bank on Real Estate, founder of --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

Product Description

Find the right house at the right price with insider tips and advice from the experts!

Say goodbye to landlords and laundromats with Nolo's Essential Guide to Buying Your First Home. This timely title will help you find the right place to live and invest in -- and even have fun doing it.

Filled with interesting facts, real-life stories and common pitfalls to avoid, this book provides everything you need to select the right house, the right mortgage, the right agent, the right inspections -- and much more. Get the inside scoop on:

  • deciding between a house, condo, co-op or townhouse

  • exploring your local market for the best value

  • qualifying for and lining up financing

  • getting the right inspections and insurance

  • negotiating with sellers or new home builders

  • successfully closing the deal

    Read through the real-world experiences of over 20 first-time homebuyers, as well as valuable insights from a team of 13 real estate professionals, including:

  • brokers

  • attorneys who specialize in real estate

  • a home inspector

  • a neighborhood researcher

  • a mortgage specialist

  • and more!

    Along with this step-by-step handbook, you'll get The Homebuyer's Toolkit, a CD-ROM that includes dozens of forms and MP3s which will help you find the right place, crunch the numbers, interview real estate professionals, and even borrow down payment money from your parents.

    The brand new 3rd edition of Nolo's Essential Guide to Buying Your First Home is fully updated to reflect the dramatically changed housing market, including emphasis on how to do the right kind of research before deciding on a price and the terms of your offer. It also includes a new discussion of what to expect when you're looking for financing.

    Are you a California resident? Check out How to Buy a House in California 



    "Magnificently and heartbreakingly told. . . . What I appreciated most about this tremendous, well-documented book is that it shows vividly that really filthy, face-to-face fraud and hard-sell bullying are the original ingredients, the required counters, in the increasingly abstract financial instruments that brought the economy down around our ears."--The Boston Globe
    "Whereas much of the reporting of the economic meltdown has been focused on Wall Street, Hudson has a talent for describing what was happening on the ground. He takes us on a tour of the financial carnival tent pitched by subprime factories like Ameriquest… Did some people borrow beyond their means? Certainly. But as Hudson demonstrates, the public was no match for an industry that lived off deceit fueled by Wall Street."—Time Magazine
    "As engagingly written as Michael Lewis’ The Big Short (which chronicles the struggles the winners endured during the last bubble), as caustic and trenchant in its analysis of the dotty economic theories that underpin our bubble economy as Yves Smith’s ECONned; and at least as cogent of the big-picture power politics as Simon Johnson’s 13 Bankers, The Monster also does what those books don’t: It reveals the inner lives of both the victims and the perpetrators of predatory lending."—Baltimore City Paper
    "Essential reading for anyone concerned with the mortgage crisis."—Library Journal
    "A chilling account of the subprime-loan scandal. . . . As appalling as it is informative, Hudson’s tale, which hasn’t ended by a long shot, should find a large readership."—Booklist
    "Hudson is a master of context, supplying the pre-1990s history within the mortgage-lending business, Wall Street and the government-regulation realm. A knowledgeable, clearly written exposé."—Kirkus Reviews
    "Mike Hudson is a terrific journalist and an even more engaging writer. The Monster is as captivating as it is deep, not 5,000 feet but 10,000. The book is a down-to-the-bone account of the genesis of the financial crisis and paints a visceral picture of the structural deficiencies in our financial system. Lehman Brothers failure is 10x Enron and 100x Long Term Capital Management. We cannot afford not to learn from the valuable lessons in this book."--Lawrence G. McDonald, co-author of A Colossal Failure of Common Sense
    Buy this book because Mike Hudson is a terrific reporter.  Buy it because Hudson tells a vital and underreported story that somehow most every other journalist seemed to miss.  But mainly you should buy and devour The Monster because it’s a great read, a page turner in the fashion of the best true-crime non-fiction.-- Gary Rivlin, author of The Plot to Get Bill Gates and Broke, USA: From Pawnshops to Poverty, Inc--How the Working Poor Became Big Business
    "The Monster reads like chilling and compelling fiction. But the facts are true and the story is all too real. Millions of Americans were ripped off by devious people in pursuit of ever more profit, but that is not the biggest scandal. Amazingly, we have still not fixed the underlying problems of incentives, attitudes, and beliefs in our financial system. If we continue to shy away from real reform, American families are doomed to run repeatedly through some version of this awful cycle."—Simon Johnson, coauthor of 13 Bankers: The Wall Street Takeover and the Next Financial Meltdown
    "How did we get in this mess? Michael W. Hudson’s The Monster is a haunting, horrifying account of corporate skullduggery -- from the unregulated bucketshops of California to the hallowed halls of Lehman Brothers. No other book or article I have read so clearly identifies the human weaknesses and institutional frailties that created the worst financial scandal in American history. Hudson was one of the first investigative reporters on this story and he is still the best at tracking a nationwide collapse down to its first forged signature."—Elizabeth Mitchell, former executive editor of George Magazine and author of W: Revenge of the Bush Dynasty

    Product Description

    Going through a housing crisis affects you emotionally and challenges you legally. It’s a breach of contract that you had no intention of committing and until now you had no resource to guide you through this trying time in your life.

    “Life After Foreclosure” covers everything you need to know about strategic default, short sale, foreclosure, and loan modification. You will learn exactly what options you have and how each of them plays out. From identifying when it is time to give up on loan modification to rebuilding your credit and personal finances after Foreclosure. This book is designed to help anyone about to face a housing crisis or who has just gone through one.

    The life changing event of foreclosure holds a power that, when utilized correctly, will lead to greater financial security, better decision making, and a more empowered life. A must-read for anyone who thought it would never happen to them, this book shows how you are not alone and that you can thrive again!

    Author Dean Wegner is a leading expert in housing with more than 16 years of industry experience, and has developed the reputation of someone who knows the answers to tough questions. Dean is a member of more than 25 real estate organizations, and is a Certified Consumer Credit Counselor. He has spoken to more than 3000 people facing foreclosure and addressed the media on this topic more than 500 times, including cover stories in USA Today and CNBC.

    Product Description

    Underwater on your home? Don't know what to do? Let one of the the nation's leading experts guide you to the right decision. In Underwater Home, Professor White addresses all your concerns and helps you work through the emotions and practical realities of being underwater on your home. He explains your options and gives you the facts that will empower you to make the best decision for your family, free from guilt or fear, and with clarity, confidence, and peace of mind.

    Underwater Home is both an emotional and practical guide for the underwater homeowner. Professor White explains when it makes financial sense to stay in your underwater home and when it makes sense to get out. And he offers no-nonsense insight into how to negotiate with your lender. If you're underwater on your home, you can't afford not to read this book.  

    More new releases of Real Estate Books  

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    Get The New Releases Foreign Exchange Books

    Product Description

    An accessible guide to trading the fast-moving foreign exchange market The foreign exchange market, or forex, was once dominated by global banks, hedge funds, and multinational corporations, but that has all changed with Internet technology and the advent of online forex brokers. Now, hundreds of thousands of traders and investors around the world can participate in this profitable field.
    Written by forex expert Kathy Lien, The Little Book of Currency Trading will show you how to effectively invest and trade in today's biggest market. Page by page, she describes the multitude of opportunities possible in the forex market, from short-term price swings to long-term trends, and details practical products that can help you achieve success, such as currency-based ETFs.
    • Explains the forces that drive currencies and provides strategies to profit from them
    • Reveals how you can use various currencies to reduce risk and take advantage of global trends
    • Examines financial vehicles that can help you make money without having to monitor the market every day

    The Little Book of Currency Trading opens the world of currency trading and investing to anyone interested in entering this dynamic arena.

    From the Inside Flap

    Once dominated by global banks, hedge funds, and multinational corporations, the foreign exchange market, or forex, is now easily accessible to traders and investors around the world. But in order to make the most of your time in this market, you need to have a firm understanding of how it works.
    Written by forex expert Kathy Lien, The Little Book of Currency Trading shows you how to effectively trade and invest in today's biggest market. Page by page, she describes the multitude of opportunities possible in the forex market, from short-term price swings to long-term trends, and details the practical products that can help you achieve success.
    Along the way, Lien skillfully explains the forces that drive currencies and provides strategies to profit from them; reveals how you can use various currencies to reduce risk; and take advantage of global trends, and examines what you can do to make money without the stress of monitoring the market every day. Other issues addressed include:
    • Getting started in forex and finding the right approach for you
    • The most commonly made forex mistakes
    • Making the most of slow and steady investing as well as learning the fast and furious approach to forex
    • Avoiding popular forex scams
    • And much more
    Filled with in-depth insights and practical advice, The Little Book of Currency Trading opens the world of currency trading and investing to anyone interested in entering this dynamic arena. 

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    update Magazines "Bestsellers" in Computers & Internet

                                         Who Reads Wired?

    Wired readers want to know how technology is changing the world, and they’re interested in big, relevant ideas, even if those ideas challenge their assumptions—or blow their minds. Wired readers are generally familiar with computers and the Internet, but this is definitely not a computer magazine—Wired won’t teach you how to upgrade your RAM. Instead, it’s a magazine about science, art, adventure, online culture, business, philosophy … and bright shiny beautiful gadgets. Each month, more than 2 million smart, savvy readers come to Wired for clean, clear writing with a wry twist.

    What You Can Expect in Each Issue: Who Reads Wired?

    Wired readers want to know how technology is changing the world, and they’re interested in big, relevant ideas, even if those ideas challenge their assumptions—or blow their minds. Wired readers are generally familiar with computers and the Internet, but this is definitely not a computer magazine—Wired won’t teach you how to upgrade your RAM. Instead, it’s a magazine about science, art, adventure, online culture, business, philosophy … and bright shiny beautiful gadgets. Each month, more than 2 million smart, savvy readers come to Wired for clean, clear writing with a wry twist.

    Who Reads Inc.?

    Inc. is the only major business magazine edited exclusively to guide CEOs and owners of small-to-midsize companies to success. Inc. provides fresh, insightful analyses to give the major players in the business world the tools they need to excel. Each issue uses real life examples of strategies, case studies, and successes and failures edited specifically to illuminate new ways in which its readers can benefit. Big and small organizations alike turn to Inc. to make sense of ever-changing business world.

    The pages of Inc.are printed on 100% recycled paper. Inc. is dedicated to the preservation of the environment and makes sustainability a part of its core mission.

    What You Can Expect in Each Issue:

    • Priority: Provides real-world examples and stories and looks at the people behind the decisions, giving readers a mix of practical advice, insight, and inspiration.
    • Finance: Money is the lifeblood of any company. And Inc.’s Finance section helps entrepreneurs find it, allocate it and manage every aspect of it.
    • Sales + Marketing: Inc.’s much-asked-for section gives an insider’s look at the tactics, strategy and trends to boost company owners’ revenue and buzz factor.
    • Managing: Through case studies and answers to smart questions, Inc. gives readers practical information and insider secrets to help manage and lead their companies to success.
    • Technology: Reviews of the best tech tools and best practices to give entrepreneurs the edge.
    • Case Study: Inc. takes readers inside a major decision point by looking at a business at a crossroads, with a panel of experts dissecting the company’s decision.
    • Ask Inc.: Readers ask questions. Inc. answers them. In “Ask Inc.,” readers facing thorny business problems get their questions answered by experts and leading entrepreneurs.
    • Street Smarts: Three-time Inc. 500 winner and ASME-nominated columnist Norm Brodsky offers inside advice to entrepreneurs, from someone who truly knows the ups and downs of the entrepreneurial life.
    • Guest Speaker: Some names are familiar to many, others to a few. All of the guest speakers have unique and valuable insights to offer owners of growing businesses.
    • How I Did It: How I Did It gives entrepreneurs the chance to tell their inspiring—and—often—surprising—stories of business success.
    • Features: Inc's features provide a diverse mix of stories that take an in-depth look at the struggles within entrepreneurial companies and the lessons they reveal. Inc's most popular issue, the annual Inc. 500, ranks the fastest growing private companies in America. Inc. also covers successful start-ups, entrepreneurial innovators, valuation guides and much more.
    Popular Mechanics is for people who have a passion to know how things work. It's about how the latest advances in science and technology will impact your home, your car, consumer electronics, computers, even your health. Popular Mechanics - answers for curious minds.

    Who Reads Popular Mechanics?
    The Popular Mechanics reader is curious. The reader is driven to explore, become knowledgeable and actively participate in a wide variety of interests, making him today's Go-to Guy that Main Street America goes to for advice.

    What You Can Expect in Each Issue:

    The Popular Mechanics reader has a curious mind - a hunger to know, an inquisitive interest, and a desire to investigate and learn. Every month, Popular Mechanics inspires, instructs and influences millions of curious minds - engaging them with breakthroughs in science and technology, how-to stories on digital technology, automotive advances and home upgrades.

    • Tech Watch: Reporters dig deep to find new and exciting technological advances that will keep readers up-to-date with cutting-edge innovations – in aviation, computers, energy, environment, health, military, robotics, space and transportation.
    • Upgrade: Reporters collect the best gear from the biggest trade shows – from new tools for the home and worksite to the most advanced digital gadgets – and provide no-nonsense comparison tests and monthly reviews.
    • New Cars: Auto editors at Popular Mechanics give readers a comprehensive sneak-peak of the most exciting vehicles coming out of Detroit, Asia and Europe.
    • DIY Auto: This section gives readers a place to go for all their automotive repair and maintenance questions and answers – allowing them to skip the trip to the local mechanic by providing them instructions on exactly how to diagnose and repair any number of auto problems.
    • DIY Home: This section offers readers a column with a variety of step-by-step home improvement projects, including useful tips, advice and product reviews.
    • DIY Tech: This gives readers hands on advice on all things tech – from cameras and computers to HDTV and surround sound – keeping them one step ahead of the curve.
    • Feature Articles: Popular Mechanics tells you how the latest advances in science and technology will impact your home, your car, consumer electronics, computers, even your health. Features include: Tech Watch, Upgrade, New Cars, Saturday Mechanic, Car Clinic, Homeowners Clinic, and Jay Leno's Garage.

    Start: In Start, readers are treated to quick bites of information on everything from provocative innovations (in-flight Wi-Fi, anyone?) and new technologies (who won the DVD format wars?) to cultural shifts (why are Korean schoolgirls buying mini refrigerators?). Looking for tips on touching up your digital pictures or resetting a dislocated shoulder? Start has those, too. The stories are presented in smart, irreverent language with Wired’s signature visual flair.
    • Test: Wired has covered gear and gadgets since its very first issue. Every month, Test gives readers the definitive take on the hottest products on the market, from the newest HDTVs to the slimmest notebook computers. The best tech writers in the business put the gear through a rigorous review and rate it from 1 to 10. Mix in Wired's trademark visuals and humor and you've got the most useful, entertaining coverage of products anywhere.
    • Play: Now that popular culture is Wired culture, this is the best place to turn for the skinny on what’s cool, quirky, and fun. The section kicks off with Playlist: the top 10 newest, coolest things in the Wired world. In the rest of Play, editors delve deeper into movies, art, books, games, design, and online entertainment. Plus, it delivers the big picture so readers understand why these things matter. Wondering about cognitive science behind Halo 3? Curious about the cutting-edge engineering that goes into making a Top 40 single? The answers are in Play every month.
    • Endgame: Part contest, part game, and totally engrossing, the Endgame puzzle challenges Wired readers to think deeply, both on and off the page.
    • Features: Each month, the editors open a window to the future of technology, business, entertainment, science, and culture. We recently devoted 22 pages to the thorny questions to which scientists still don't have answers: Why do we sleep? What causes ice ages? Do forests actually speed up global warming? Other recent topics: How Apple does so well by behaving so badly; the race to build the 100-mile-per-gallon car; 12 ways to supercharge your brain; and how personal genomics could change the way you live.

    Entertains and informs game players of all ages, with emphasis on the coverage of video games. Areas covered include new product and game reviews, industry news updates and an open forum for readers.

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    Secret of Earning Money Through Trading Books


    Futures May 2010 Gold Currency, Using the Rule of 7 on Copper, High Frequency Trading, Equities Using Techniques and Fundamentals, Gero's Yellow Metal Road, Fixing Bollinger Bands, Capture Forex Trends, Eurodollar Futures, Options Expand Profits [Single Issue Magazine]
    Futures Magazine (Editor)

    Product Description

    Solid Forex strategies for capturing profits in today's volatile markets
    How to Make a Living Trading Foreign Exchange puts the world of Forex at your fingertips. Author Courtney Smith begins with an introduction to the Forex market-what it is and how it works. He then delves into six moneymaking techniques for trading Forex, including his unique Rejection Rule that doubles the profit of basic channel breakout systems. In addition to two specific methods for exiting positions at critical levels, Smith also discusses powerful risk management techniques and successful trading psychology strategies that will keep you one step ahead of the game.

    • Reveals the secrets of the Forex market and how to create a lifetime of income trading it
    • Offers advice on maximizing profits during the volatile swings that have increasingly become the norm
    • Other titles by Smith: Option Strategies, Third Edition, Seasonal Charts For Futures Traders, Commodity Spreads, and Profits Through Seasonal Trading
    Make more from today's Forex market with How to Make a Living Trading Foreign Exchange.

    Product Description

    Wouldn't it be nice if every aspiring student of the Forex market could get the opportunity at some point to peer over the shoulder of an experienced trader in the process of analyzing a chart setup and placing a trade? Because that may not be an option, we've prepared this manual to bridge the gap: Forex Master Blueprint is a complete and practical overview of how an experienced professional approaches the market to make consistent profits. No cheesy gimmicks, no money losing trading alerts, no holy grails that promise to make you a millionaire overnight. Just the time-tested, effective principles for maximizing profit and minimizing risk.  

    Product Description

    "Who Else Wants To Make Thousands In The Forex Market? Start Earning Real Paydays Starting As Soon As Today!

    Dear Future Successful Forex Trader,

    Are you tried of going to your regular day job everyday just knowing that your doing nothing more than just working to get by? I know how the 9 to 5 feels and we all know it sucks!

    We all know we can’t depend on a corporate jobs these days because you never know when its time for lay-offs or job cuts, it can happen all of a sudden. If you were to get laid-off tomorrow do you have a plan to support you and your family?

    I’m about to reveal something to you that will allow you to do things you see on TV everyday, people enjoying life. No longer will you have to worry about what your future will hold because you will have total control over what comes next in your life!

    Your Turn To Get The Very Same System The Banking Elites
    Use To Produce Massive Amounts Of Cash On A Daily Basis! With Miracle Forex Secrets I will show you exactly how the banks and other successful people use the forex market to achieve greatness in the currency exchange market.

    When starting any business venture you should always follow a proven plan never take anyone’s word for it. I have spent tons of money perfecting this guide so that you too can enjoy doing the things you love to do without worry.

    Most mistakes Forex traders make are….

    Not knowing when to cut your losses! Never make things worst on yourself.

    Trading on feelings not going by the rules!

    Overtrading is a BIG one!

    I will show you how to avoid these mistakes like the plague to maximize your profits on a daily basis. If you jump right in without a plan it's a recipe for disaster...

    It may all sound complicated but don't worry --

    I've Already Done All The Hard Work For You

    The secret of the Forex market that almost all of traders miss...and how you can leverage the secrets to surpass other traders...

    How to follow the market and know when to trade to gain the most….

    I will show you how to target the gaps in the market to rise above all other market trade

    This is the complete blueprint to earning a six figure income minimum from the comfort of your own home...

    Oh, guess what...there is much more….

    You don't have to deal with the learning headaches. That's why I developed "Miracle Forex Secrets.” It's all there -- step-by-step and easy to understand.

    I test my theories very carefully and throw out the ones that don't make you any money. I ignore the BS and none working methods and focus on the prize….the stuff that's proven to bring in the big bucks.

    Major benefits of Miracle Forex Secrets......

    Know what to trade and when. With guidance from Miracle Forex Secrets there will be little to, no errors made!

    Be able to set your own hours and work from the comfort of your own home!

    Be able to spend as much time with your family as want, and take vacations whenever you like!

    You don't need a website, any special training or previous experience – start filling up your bank account with massive cash right now!

    Now that you know what is set in front of you, its time to make a decision. Would you like to work hard on a daily basis?

    Or, would you like to work a few hours a day and triple your current income with less hours worked?

    If your serious about creating instant paydays! Take action today to change tommorrow, this is something you don't want to pass up!!

    Product Description

    A practical guide to trading around the commitments of career and family. Making Money in Forex will help aspiring traders successfully enter this field while maintaining a job. With this book, author Ryan O'Keefe explains his own personal journey to becoming a trader and shows you how to follow a similar path. O'Keefe describes his approach to trading and reveals his bargain hunting trading style, which is designed to capitalize on market trends. Throughout the book, O'Keefe pays a great deal of attention to trading psychology, learning to read price instead of indicators, and emphasizes that aspiring traders must find a strategy they are comfortable with and can implement with confidence.

    • Addresses how you can successfully trade around the demands of your job and personal life
    • Reveals the author's "bargain hunting" style which can be used to reduce risk and maximize profit
    • Discusses how common trade management techniques may impact overall performance
    • Provides insights into structuring trading to minimize stress
    Written in a straightforward and accessible style, Making Money in Forex utilizes a conservative approach to trading that will help you build your trading competency over time.

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    Coming Up The New Release Traveller Books

    From Booklist

    The 2010 edition of this always-enjoyable series (which began in 2000) features, as usual, a collection of articles about out-of-the-way places, offbeat people, and exciting adventures. Simon Winchester visits “the most isolated permanent habitation in the world,” Tristan da Cunha, a volcanic island 1,700 miles from the South African coast. Tom Bissell searches for Hakeldama, the biblical “field of blood” where Judas Iscariot hanged himself. Avi Davis travels to Romania, where he visits Sighisoara, the town where Vlad Tepes, the fifteenth-century prince (and model for Dracula), was born. J. C. Hallman takes readers to Norway, to meet the “father of the modern cruise industry.” And so on. These gifted authors don’t just tell us about unique or out-of-the-way places; they take us to them, show us what they look like, show us who their people are, and make us feel like we’ve experienced them. Readers of travel literature should be first at the gate when this series makes its annual appearance. --David Pitt

    Product Description
    The Best Travel Writing 2010 is the seventh volume in the annual Travelers' Tales series launched in 2004 to celebrate the world's best travel writing — from Nobel Prize winners to emerging new writers. The points of view and perspectives are global, and themes encompass high adventure, spiritual growth, romance, hilarity and misadventure, service to humanity, and encounters with exotic cuisine. In The Best Travel Writing 2010 readers will explore the mysteries of superstition in Cameroon, discover the meaning of life with an Irish carpenter on a long flight, take adopted children to Korea on a Homeland Tour, delve deep into a sacred Japanese pilgrimage, travel solo in Panama's forbidding Darien jungle, comprehend the nuances of bargaining in Senegal...and much more.

    Product Description
    Since publishing the original edition of A Woman’s World in 1995, Travelers’ Tales has been the recognized leader in women’s travel literature. The Best Women’s Travel Writing 2010 is the sixth book in an annual series that presents stimulating, inspiring, and uplifting adventures from women who have traveled to the ends of the earth to discover new places, peoples, and facets of themselves. The common threads connecting these stories are a woman’s perspective and fresh, compelling storytelling to make the reader laugh, weep, wish she were there, or be glad she wasn’t. In The Best Women's Travel Writing 2010 readers will discover the hidden magic of Flamenco in Spain, walk the night and its terrors in Benin, have an excellent last day in Costa Rica, poke their way into the psyche of a security agent in Kabul, learn something new about death and Mexico in San Miguel de Allende, travel the darker side of the Hawaiian fantasy, draw a map of Argentinian tango, meet the best people in the world in Zimbabwe...and much more.

    From School Library Journal

    Gr 7 Up-Jonathan Swift's satirical novel was first published in 1726, yet it is still valid today. Gulliver's Travels describes the four fantastic voyages of Lemuel Gulliver, a kindly ship's surgeon. Swift portrays him as an observer, a reporter, and a victim of circumstance. His travels take him to Lilliput where he is a giant observing tiny people. In Brobdingnag, the tables are reversed and he is the tiny person in a land of giants where he is exhibited as a curiosity at markets and fairs. The flying island of Laputa is the scene of his next voyage. The people plan and plot as their country lies in ruins. It is a world of illusion and distorted values. The fourth and final voyage takes him to the home of the Houyhnhnms, gentle horses who rule the land. He also encounters Yahoos, filthy bestial creatures who resemble humans. The story is read by British actor Martin Shaw with impeccable diction and clarity and great inflection. If broken into short listening segments, the tapes are an excellent tool for presenting an abridged version of Gulliver's Travels.-Jean Deck, Lambuth University, Jackson, TN
    Copyright 2001 Cahners Business Information, Inc.
    --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.
    Amazon Best Books of the Month, October 2010: Over 20 years after Great Plains, one of the more oddly wonderful books of the last few decades, Ian Frazier takes us to another territory worthy of his expansive curiosity: the vast eastern stretches of Russia known as Siberia. Through the stories of Russian friends, Frazier was drawn there in the early '90s, and he soon fell in love with the country--an "embarrassing" sort of middle-aged love, an involuntary infection. What he loves is its tragedy and its humor, its stoic practicality and its near-insanity: he calls it "the greatest horrible country in the world," and Siberia is its swampy, often-frozen, and strikingly empty backyard. He took five trips there over the next dozen or so years, and Travels in Siberia is based on those journeys. But as in Great Plains, when Frazier travels he follows his own curiosity through time as well as space, telling stories of the Mongols and the Decembrists with the same amused and empathetic eye he brings to his own traveling companions. His curiosity quickly becomes yours, as does his affection for this immense and grudgingly hospitable land. --Tom Nissley

    Monday, January 3, 2011

    Find The Latest Interior Design Through Books of Design

    Product Description

    With a history of over 150 years, the World Expo has always been presented through exhibitions and displays in physical pavilions (uniquely featuring a wide and extensive distribution of pavilions, a huge variety of exhibitions and displays, and a long period of running time). In this book, we will introduce the competition projects from different countries. There are not only the final projects but also some projects that join in the competition. With this book you will not only know more about the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai but it is also a reference book for architects to join a competition.

    Product Description

    At an early age, Alexa Hampton learned the language of good design, the vocabulary to speak it, and the elements that define it. As the daughter of interior design legend Mark Hampton, she traveled the world by her father’s side, touring the great architectural landmarks and discovering beauty, training her eye.

    Now one of America’s most influential designers herself, Alexa Hampton provides a tour of stunning residences from her own portfolio.

    Eighteen classic spaces illustrate in rich detail the elements that govern cultivated design—contrast, proportion, color, and balance. Among the residences are a landmark 1912 McKim, Mead & White restoration on Fifth Avenue in New York City; an eclectic house by the sea layered in textures, patterns, and colors; a contemporary apartment distinguished by simple geometry and clean lines; and Hampton’s own apartment, filled with an exquisite collection of architectural elements.

    Hampton also explains how she tailored each space to meet her clients’ needs while retaining a timeless aesthetic, and she provides design expertise on everything from fabric schemes to the particulars of paint. From a French neoclassical tour de force of architec-ture, artwork, and design to a Queen Anne summer cottage furnished to showcase the house’s graceful nineteenth-century dimensions, the spaces here speak the language of design—a language that, under Hampton’s tutelage, anyone can master.

    Product Description

    Mixing gorgeous interiors with sparkling social history, this is the first book on the visionary women whose work gave us the timeless, essential principles of modern interior decorating.

    In 1904, Elsie de Wolfe was given a contract to design the interiors of the Colony Club. Their success launched de Wolfe’s career and the entire field of professional interior decoration. Soon other women followed, known collectively (for their privileged backgrounds) as the Lady Decorators. This book focuses on the extraordinary, glamorous interiors of these influential designers, as well as their decorating theory and maxims, from Rose Cumming’s electric color combinations ("Parrots are blue and green. Why shouldn’t fabric be?") to Nancy Lancaster’s refined English-country-house look ("She liked for the sun to get to . . . materials. She wanted them to go shabby and live a life of their own."). A witty and readable treatise on the principles of decorating, as well as a luxurious visual resource, this book will be an essential addition to every decorating library. Also including: Dorothy Draper, Elsie Cobb Wilson, Ruby Ross Wood, Frances Elkins, Eleanor Brown, Sister Parish, Syrie Maugham, Madeleine Castaing.

    Product Description
    In her first book, award-winning interior designer Mary McDonald inspires readers to combine old-fashioned elegance with the joy of fearless, exuberant decorating. Consistently ranked one of House Beautiful’s top 100 designers, L.A.-based Mary McDonald’s gorgeous, feminine interiors have graced the cover of every major design magazine. Dubbed the "decorating daredevil" by Domino magazine, McDonald began her career as a milliner and retains a sense of "couture chic" that inspires the look of her interiors, which are simultaneously timeless and of the moment. Her ability to combine bold patterns, chinoiserie, and Indian influences with contemporary lines and an impeccable sense of color has made her one of the most sought-after interior designers working today. Now in her first book, as vibrant and whimsical as Mary and her work, McDonald explores the themes that inform her stylish yet playful sensibility. From her own refurbishment of Buster Keaton’s legendary villa to a stunning range of client projects, McDonald carefully details the colors, fabrics, and accessories she uses to seamlessly pull each look together. Exquisitely photographed, this vivid book is a must for anyone who loves sophisticated, ravishing interiors.

    Product Description

    From its earliest days Metropolitan Home magazine grew into the standard bearer for contemporary home design in the US and became an active participant in reshaping the way Americans live. Always on the forefront of new trends, yet never elevating fashion over substantive style, Met Home championed creative re-use of old buildings, the opening up of homes to light, the reinvention of mid-century modernism, the green revolution in architecture, and the new "big mix" in interior decoration. Many of the designers and architects featured in its pages went on to become household names and leaders of the design profession.

    A favorite annual issue known as the Design 100 honored superlative invention and creativity in international design. Metropolitan Home Design 100 focuses on the best homes and the best rooms ever to have appeared in Met Home - as well as scores of new locations and never-before-published photographs. Each of the 100 houses, apartments, lofts, rooms, or design details included in the book is the greatest of something, and each has been created by one of the top designers or architects of our time. The 100 taken as a whole have been curated in the spirit of Met Home: lively, beautiful, accessible, aspirational, real.

    Metropolitan Home ceased publication with its December 2009 issue, but the spirit, the vision, and the legacy of the magazine lives on, in this book, in the hearts of thousands of loyal followers and in the way we live now. Metropolitan Home Design 100 is a celebration, a valediction, and a gift to anyone who loves modern design. 
    Product Description 
    Endorsed by the Society of Light and Lighting, this practical book offers comprehensive guidance on how colour, light and contrast can be incorporated within buildings to enhance their usability. The book provides state-of-the-art, clear guidance as well as a valuable information source for busy professionals involved in the design or management of new and existing environments. 

    The ways colour, light and contrast are used within built environments are critical in determining how people interact with the space, and how confident, safe, and secure they will feel when doing so. They also have a major influence on a person’s sense of well-being and their ability to use the environment independently and without undue effort.

    Understanding how to use colour and contrast and how they are influenced by both natural and artificial lighting is vital for all those involved in the design and management of the environments and spaces we all use.
    In recent years there has been a considerable amount of work undertaken to further our understanding of how colour, light and contrast affect emotion and sensory abilities, and how they can assist or hinder people in their everyday lives.

    Other publications consider these issues individually but The Colour, Light and Contrast Manual: designing and managing inclusive built environments draws knowledge and information together to produce a unique, comprehensive and informative guide to how the three elements can work together to improve the design and management of environments for us all.