At a glance, Book is the main primary need of our life in recent century. mostly, people like reading books to raise knowledge in particular and even as a hobby. Book has been involved to our life relating to various factor such as with book, people can get some idea, with book people also can improve their knowledge, with book people know how to improve them self among society. these just a few of example that book gives a lot of benefit to the people. generally, when we born, we has been introduced with the book until we stand today. As long as our journey life, both school and job, we never stop reading the book as a main guides. In fact, many people success on their life from reading books. Reading book is obviously becoming the best way to get to know everything, the more people get high standard living, the more matter or problem always come so that many of books were created to aid people in solving any problem matter. Moreover, people can not only count environment or society to improve life without present of the book. As a result, we strongly recommend people to read variety of books as well as to be a habit.


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