Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Get Rich With ebuy Seller Books

Product Description

Here's a sneak peek at the "Top 10" tips covered in this 27 page eBook:

1. Awesome Tips On Creating Auction Titles

2. Expert Insight On Creating Auction Descriptions

3. Pricing Strategies

4. How To Think Like A Buyer And Increase Your Sales!

5. Why You Should Consider Opening An eBay Store

6. Some Free Tools You Probably Didn't Know About But Should Definitely
Be Taking Advantage Of!

7. "Where" To Keep One Ear To The Ground So You Can Stay On Top Of
All The Current eBay Trends And Strategies That Other Sellers Are Using

8. How, Why, And Where To Get Good Web Hosting For Your eBay

9. How To Detect And Avoid Some Of The Clever eBay Related Scams That
Many Sellers Fall For!

10. Take Advantage Of Special Offers To eBay Sellers - Made Available
Through 3 Rivers Auctions!

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